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Areas of Legal Practice

Legal Services for Individuals

* PERSONAL LEGAL SERVICES * The Law Office provides private clients with a whole host of services that encompass every aspect of their personal lives.

Family law

This practice area relates to inter-family relationships, including both civil and criminal law aspects of marriage and children. It encompasses: marital property, pre-nuptial agreements, divorce and alimony or maintenance agreements; child custody, visitation rights, and child support; domestic abuse and gender violence; legitimacy and paternity; adoption and fostering; legal emancipation; and family mediation.

Criminal law

This area of law relates to acts and omissions that are defined as a threat to public safety by international, national and local laws, procedures and rules. It includes such elements as the arrest, detention, charging and prosecution of those accused of having committed offences, as well as punishment by penalties which may include fines and imprisonment.

Labour law

This area of law concerns the relationships between workers, employers, unions, and governmental bodies, as regards the rights and obligations of all the parties involved. This can include: terms and conditions of employment contracts; termination, conflict resolution, arbitration and mediation; compliance with national and international standards, such as health and safety requirements; and collective agreements and actions.


This area of law is concerned with the resolution of disputes between parties in the courts and may include: filing and serving complaints on behalf of a plaintiff and responding to a lawsuit on behalf of a defendant; determining appropriate damages or relief; undertaking pre-trial actions, such as discovery and depositions; pre-trial negotiation; representing clients in proceedings; assisting with post-sentence settlement agreements.

Real estate law

This area encompasses the rights and duties relating to the ownership and tenancy of real or immovable property (as opposed to personal or movable possessions), including both land and buildings, and includes: transfer of possession by sale, inheritance, and donation; conveyancing; registration; leases and tenancies; trusts, mortgages and security interests; easements, covenants and liens; and land and building regulation.

Inheritance law

Related to the disposal and distribution of property to heirs upon death, in compliance with both national and European Union legislation in cross-border cases, the legal area of succession includes: estate management; wills, trusts, and directives, such as proxies and powers of attorney; fiscal issues; legitimate descendants’ rights in civil law jurisdictions; and freedom of testament and probate in common law systems.

Insurance law and liability

This specialism regulates the relationships between parties as regards the insurer’s obligations and the insured party’s rights to reimbursement for losses, in the event that such occur. This typically includes policies between private-sector entities and individuals for health, life, malpractice, property and vehicle insurance, but can also cover state-run insurance policies for compensation, social security and unemployment.

Migration law

This specialization relates to the rights and responsibilities of citizens, other legal entities and states in regard to immigration, including such issues as residency, nationality, visas, refugee status determination, work permits, residence permits, marriage and civil unions. It incorporate aspects of administrative, criminal, human rights and labour law and, by definition, is concerned with questions involving more than one country or jurisdiction.

Transportation law

This practice area applies to the legislation and regulation of all kinds of air, land, and maritime means and systems of transport, including not only physical and communications infrastructure but also vehicles, vessels, and other conveyances, as well as the operation of the same. It may involve relationships between public- and private-sector actors, private individuals and other legal entities on a worldwide, national or local level.


Legal Services for Business

* CORPORATE LEGAL SERVICES * The Law Office is commercially minded firm that offers an extensive range of specialized services to corporate clients.

Commercial law

Comprising elements of public and private law, this area of law concerns the rights and obligations of legal entities and natural persons who are party to commercial relationships, including banking and finance, consumer protection, corporate law, contracts, credit agreements, financial instruments, insolvency, insurance, property, sales, trade, and transportation.

Company law

This area encompasses the rights, obligations of all kinds of legal entities that exist to do business, including such aspects as company formation, registration, financing, governance, and dissolution. It encompasses corporate relationships with creditors, debtors, investors and shareholders, as well as with directors, employees, and the rest of society in general.

Contract law

This specialism concerns legally binding agreements between parties, in respect of their obligations under contracts that are subject to sole or multiple jurisdictions. It comprises the creation, modification, enforcement and termination of contractual relationships and typically includes such aspects as: pre-contract advice and consultancy; drafting, reviewing and revising terms, conditions and other provisions; negotiation and auditing.

Administrative law

This area of law concerns administrative bodies of government at local, municipal, regional, national and international levels, including agencies, boards, commissions, courts and other public-sector entities, that are responsible for the creation, implementation and enforcement of rules and regulations that govern the relationship of the state with individuals and private-sector actors.


This area covers the settlement of disputes between parties, frequently related to contracts, without recourse to court proceedings. Both parties agree to submit the dispute to an impartial third party or parties for a binding decision that results in a legally enforceable award in favour of one party. It is often used to resolve cross-border commercial, consumer and labour-related disputes.

Debt recovery

This area of law focuses on the legal remedies to recover outstanding debts in cases where companies and individuals default on payment under commercial, contractual and credit agreements. It concerns the rights and responsibilities of creditors and debtors, and the procedures to collect debts by means of judicial and out-of-court proceedings.

Fiscal law

Concerning the legislation and regulations in regard to public finances, this legal specialization focuses on the obligations and rights of individuals, companies and other legal entities designated as taxpayers. As taxes may be levied on a global, national or local basis, this may include assessment, enforcement, payment and appeal via administrative and judicial procedures.

Bankruptcy and insolvency

This specialisation deals with the legal issues arising when an individual is unable to fulfil payment obligations, either on a transitory or permanent basis, and enters into personal bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.

Mergers and acquisitions law

M&A law is related to the legal consequences of transactions in which two separate entities become one, in the case of a merger or consolidation, or in which one acquires or takes over the other, by means of the transfer of assets, liabilities, equity or shares. This area also includes corporate restructuring, such as demergers, in which a company’s ownership or operations are divided up among other entities.

IT and data protection law

In the digital age, legislation regarding information technology is fast evolving, encompassing such aspects as electronic commerce, data protection and security, intellectual property, and rights to data use, privacy and freedom of expression on the Internet. Given the global nature of online communications, this gives rise to national and cross-border jurisdiction questions.

Lex Vigilantibus Favet

The law favors those who are active and diligent. This Latin maxim remains as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. Only purposeful, coordinated, and often aggressive legal work by a lawyer can ensure effective protection of the client’s lawful rights and interests.

Stanislav Kshevitskii and Associates

Dear Esteemed Clients,

Greetings from our team of English-speaking legal professionals headquartered in Moscow, Russia. We take pride in offering comprehensive legal services in English to a diverse clientele, both local and international.

At our firm, we understand the complexities of Russian law, especially for non-native speakers. That’s why our English-speaking Russian lawyers specialize in various legal disciplines, including corporate law, real estate transactions, and immigration matters. Whether you’re an individual, a family, or a corporate entity, we’re committed to providing tailored legal solutions with a focus on meticulousness and efficacy.

Moreover, the Law Office is included in the list of lawyers recommended to their citizens by a number of embassies of foreign states in the Russian Federation to solve legal problems in various branches of law.

Anticipating and addressing potential legal challenges proactively is at the core of our commitment to excellence. Furthermore through strategic collaborations with legal practitioners worldwide, we ensure seamless cross-border legal assistance, transcending geographical boundaries.

For legal consultation and support, please feel free to reach out to our English-speaking Russian attorneys. We prioritize prompt engagement to discuss your specific requirements, including transparent pricing based on the complexity of the matter.

The Law Office cooperates with attorneys in numerous other jurisdictions, including in offshore jurisdictions, to achieve efficiency in resolving issues on a multi-jurisdictional basis.

Strict confidentiality for inquiries and evaluations is guaranteed.

Rest assured, our English-speaking Russian lawyers in Moscow remain dedicated to providing professional and reliable legal services, guided by principles of integrity and expertise.

Best Regards,

Stanislav Kshevitskii, Esq.



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